AB Resolutions

This page contains the AB resolutions for the Lizard Administration. As time goes on, this page will be redesigned, and all AB resolutions will be added, back as far as I can locate them. Resolutions that are not linked have been located, and the report will be completed as quickly as possible. If you have any information to add, or the text of missing resolutions, please contact me at historian@sfi.org with the missing informaiton.

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AB97-01: Moratorium on AB96-0025

AB97-02: Voting proceedure of the STARFLEET Admirality Board

AB97-03: Command Level Promotion Guidelines for STARFLEET

AB97-04: Official Officer's Rank Designations in STARFLEET

AB97-05: Executive Committee Position Criteria

AB97-06: Criteria for Command Grade Promotions (Officially replaces EC-217)

AB97-07: STARFLEET Vouchers



AB98-01: Chapter Charter Fee

AB98-02: STARFLEET Constitution



AB99-01: Regional Creation/Re-alignment

AB99-02: Lifetime and Honorary Memberships

AB99-03: Lifetime membership for Alex Rosenzweig - Wording and vote not avilable

AB99-04: New definitions for STARFLEET Membership

AB99-05: Moritorium on punitive action against chapter CO/XO for 60 days



AB00-01: Motion to replace Article 4, Section 2 of the STARFLEET Constitution

AB00-02: Motion to replace Article 5, Section 5 of the STARFLEET Constitution

AB00-03: Motion to replace Article 4. Section 11 of the STARFLEET Constitution

AB00-04: Motion to include Amendments in the Election Publication of the Commander, STARLFEET Election

AB00-05: Motion to create Article 5, Section 6 in the STARFLEET Constitution

AB00-06: Motion to insert new Article V in the STARFLEET Constitution, and renumber all following articles

AB00-07: Motion to replace Article 4, Sextion 1 of the STARFLEET Constitution

AB00-08: Motion to replace Article 7 of STARFLEET Constitution

AB00-09: Motion to pull AB00-08 from vote and return it to discussion

AB00-10: Motion to vote on amended wording of Article 7 of the STARFLEET Constitution



AB01-01: Appointment of Inspector General, STARFLEET

AB01-02: Admirality Board Overseer on Fleetexpenses-l

AB01-03: Judge Advocate General Duties

AB01-04: Appointment of Jack Hopkins as Judge Advocate General, STARFLEET



AB02-01: Election Coordinator Succession for the 2002 election

AB02-02: Amendment to the constitution - Commander, STARFLEET Term of Office

AB02-03: Honorary Membership for Tammy Willcox

AB02-04: Ammedment to the constitution - Chief Financial Officer

AB02-05: Name change for ShOC



AB03-01: Confirmation of Brad Pense as Internal Auditor

AB03-02: A change to chapter status, as listed on page S4-02 of the current Membership Handbook

AB03-03: Resolution unknown

AB03-04: Resolution unknown

AB03-05: Resolution unknown

AB03-06: Resolution to amend Article 7: FINANCIAL AFFAIRS/STANDARDS

AB03-07: Resolution to amend Section 12: Inspector General, STARFLEET



AB04-01: Reaffirmation of Robb Jackson as Inspector General

AB04-02: Add new subsection to Section 3 of the STARFLEET Membership Handbook

AB04-03: Executitive Committee petition to upgrade Chris Wallace's honorary membership to a lifetime membership

AB04-04: Suspension of T. Sylvester, G Sylvester and G. Wampler for misuse of MP materials.

AB04-05: Resolution to extend Sam Black's term as STARFLEET JAG

AB04-06: Electronically Transmitted Nominations

AB04-07: Correct wording in IG amedment



AB05-01: Reaffirmation of Robb Jackson as Inspector General

AB05-02: Add new subsection to Section 3 of the STARFLEET Membership Handbook

AB05-03: Membership Suspension

AB05-04: Rescind Membership Suspension

AB05-05: Dismissal of Complaint

AB05-06: Suspension of Membership



AB06-01: Confirmation of STARFLEET Inspector General

AB06-02: Recommendations for the Membership Handbook



AB07-01: Vote to set aside former AB Actions

AB07-02: Return harassment claim to the IG

AB07-03: Approve the 2007 Membership Handbook

AB07-04: Appoint Internal Auditor

AB07-05: Reduction of Rank for Michael D. Smith

AB07-06: Filing of Criminal Complaint

AB07-07: Revocation of Lifetime Membership

AB07-08: Confirmation of Greg Trotter as JAG

AB07-09: Confirmation of Robert Westfall as IG




AB08-01: Motion to stop discussion and vote on Scott Akers suspension

AB08-02: Temporary suspension of Scott Akers

AB08-03: Approval of revised Membership Handbook

AB08-04: Publishing of AB votes at the end of voting

AB08-05: Prior AB Approval of Finacial Transactions

AB08-06: Revised SFA Policies and Procedures

AB08-07: Confimation of Dave Blaser as Vice Commander, STARFLEET

AB08-08: Confirmation of Liz Woolf as Internal Auditor

AB08-09: Confirmation of Wade Hoover as Inspector General



AB09-01: Confirmation of Richard Jolitz as Judge Advocate General, STARFLEET

AB09-02: The Matter of Scott Akers' IG Investigation (Blaser v. Akers)

AB09-03: Motion to allow the attorneys to document where the MHB is out of compliance

AB09-04: Accounting Review Motion

AB09-05: Motion to Recommend EC Reverses

AB09-06: Motion to approve the FAQ for the Official STARFLEET E-mail Discussion list

AB09-07: Motion to suspend the membership of Scott Akers

AB09-08: Motion to accept proposed STARFLEET Membership Handbook changes

AB09-09: Vote to grant an honorary membership to Victor Swindell

AB09-10: Vote to grant an honorary membership to Bran Stimpson

AB09-11: Vote to grant an honorary membership to Matt Ingles

AB09-12: Vote to grant a lifetime membership to Sherry-Ann Newell

AB09-13: Motion to suspend the rules reguarding a Lifetime membership for Fred Haise

AB09-14: Motion to grant a lifetime membership to Fred Haise

AB09-15: Motion to approve the funding of the bylaw changes to be drafted by legal council

AB09-16: Motion to form a bylaw requirements committee

AB09-17: Vote on appointment of STARFLEET's JAG Officer

AB09-18: Motion Reguarding Timeline for Financial Reporting Requests - Resolution was pulled back for further discussion, and was not brought forward for final vote.

AB09-19: Motion Regarding the Archives of the Bylaws Committee meeting

AB09-20: Motion to accept proposed changes to Section 04:09 through Section 04:11 of the STARFLEET Membership Handbook

AB09-21: Motion to Extend the term of the By-Laws Committee by 90 days

AB09-22: Motion to appoint STARFLEET Judge Advocate General - Motion was pulled back over a question of procedure for further discusison. Was not brought forward under this number.

AB09-23: Motion to postpone the vote on AB09-22 pending further discussion - Motion was pulled back when AB09-22 was pulled back.

AB09-24: Motion to modify Section 02:06 of the Membership Handbook

AB09-25: Motion to Separate the STARFLEET Membership Handbook and Constitution

AB09-26: Confirmation of STARFLEET Judge Advocate General



AB10-01: Motion to Approve Pay Attorney Consultation Costs

AB10-02: Motion on the GEL Issue

AB10-03: Change Section 02:05 and add Section 02:13 in the STARFLEET Membership Handbook

AB10-04: Vote on appointment of the STARFLEET Judge Advocate General

AB10-05: Motion to reaffirm AB95-011

AB10-06: Motion to accept the STARFLEET By-laws and present them for a membership vote

AB10-07: Motion reguarding poll of Region 20

AB10-08: Motion to accept the minutes of the 2009 EC/AB meeting, as corrected

AB10-09: Motion to award a 3 year honorary membership to Roy Sessler

AB10-10: Motion to table motion to award a lifetime membership to Wade Olson

AB10-11: Motion to suspend the rules to allow for awarding 1 or 2 honorary memberships this year

AB10-12: Motion to change promotion criteria wording

AB10-13: Motion to award a 3 year honorary membership to Wade Olson

AB10-14: Motion to award a lifetime membership to Bob Vosseller

AB10-15: Motion to suspend the rules to deal with an election issue

AB10-16: Motion to suspend th rules to allow STARFLEET to mail the eleciton packet

AB10-17: Motion to accpet CPA firm for STARFLEET's annual financial review

AB10-18: Motion to accept change in CPA firm for STARFLEET's annual financial review

AB10-19: Motion to accept the 2011 STARFLEET Membership Handbook

AB10-20: Motion to accept the appointment of Joe Sare as STARFLEET Chief of Operations

AB10-21: Motion to accept the appointment of PJ Trotter as STARFLEET Chief of Communiations

AB10-22: Motion to accept the appointment of Peg Pellerin as STARFLEET Academy Commandant

AB10-23: Motion to accept the appointment of Chris Carothers as STARFLEET Cheif of Computer Operations

AB10-24: Motion to accept the appointment of Linda Olson as STARFLEET Chief Finacial Officer



AB11-01: Motion to allow the Comander, STARFLEET to seek legal opinion on offenders in STARFLEET

AB11-02: Motion to change Secion 05.04 of the STARFLEET Membership Handbook reguarding restricted chapters

AB11-03: Motion to form a committee to revise the STARFLEET membership handbook

AB11-04: Motion to recent AB11-01

AB11-05: Motion to accept the appointment of Mike Dugas as STARFLEET Chief of Communitations